CHI & Partners, managing partner , Fru Shella interviewed on the occasion of International Women’s Day by APLA-Association of Privacy Lawyers in Africa about her journey in Privacy law and data protection.

Is data protection certification key? Fru Shella Chi Esq, ACIArb… shares her thoughts.

How did you form an interest in data protection?

As a technology lawyer, I happen to work with various start-ups, advising and drafting their privacy policies and terms and conditions for compliance purposes, which is how I got interested in data protection.

What would you say has worked for you in data protection?

Practice, no two privacy policies are the same. Each privacy policy should be specific to the business sector, my determination to achieve satisfactory results pushes me to learn more about data protection, I am actually planning to register for the CIPP/E this year.

What challenges do you face in your role in data protection?

My biggest challenge is the lack of a specific law or regulatory framework on data protection in Cameroon, so I always resort to foreign laws such as GDPR, CCPA, etc

How does the future of privacy look like?

With the rise of digital platforms, more and more personal data is being processed online, the future promises an increase in Privacy laws and strict compliance, I predict a data protection law in Cameroon, I equally predict that privacy will no longer be a thing for developed countries, African countries will get involved in protecting and safeguarding the personal data of their citizens.

What's your advice for people getting into data protection?

Take a course or certification, data protection though easy can be tricky sometimes and you don’t want your client to lose millions just because you never thought it was important to get certified.

CHI & Partners, managing partner, Fru Shella will be attending the PrivCon2023 Nigeria. She is scheduled to speak on sensitive data and its extra level of obligation.