E-commerce is a commercial activity by which a person performs or provides electronic services.

Commercial activities here are any activities of production and exchange of goods and services carried out on the basis of physical or electronic media, by an individual or legal person in accordance with the provisions of the legislative, regulatory, or conventional texts governing trade in Cameroon.

Offers made electronically relating to the provisions of goods or services must be accompanied by contractual conditions applicable to them.

A contract can only be validly concluded if the recipient of the offer has had the opportunity to verify the details of his/her order and its total price and to correct any errors before confirming it to express acceptance.

Prior to the conclusion of the contract, the seller is required to provide the consumer with the following information:

• identity, address, and phone of the seller;

• complete description of the nature, characteristic and price of the product;

• cost of delivery as well as tax and insurance rates (if applicable)

• payment terms and procedures

• return and exchange policies


Any e-commerce transaction not in conformity with these provisions would be considered a violation of the law and its perpetrator would bear civil and criminal liabilities as would be the case.



Barrister Tezo Abanda Daniel