Strict compliance must be observed when creating a betting or gaming App/company. Conditions and modalities for creating a betting company:

Be of good conduct;

must be a major;

Have no criminal records;

Must not be a military or an exempted person.

There exist four different categories under which Games can be classified. We shall discuss them subsequently.

Requirements For the creation of a betting/gaming App.


• A certified copy.of taxpayers card

• A certified copy of the taxpayer’s card;
• A certificate of non-royalty;
• A certificate of localization ;
• a certified copy of the National Identity Card or, when is a person of foreign nationality, a certified true copy, the valid residence permit.

• And others which we shall be pleased to discuss with you.

If you’re looking forward to creating a betting app or obtaining the required license, do contact us for assistance.

By Fru Shella Esq